Girls Varsity Tennis · Girls Varsity Tennis finishes 2nd place at Wabash Invitational

  Place Points
Tippecanoe Valley High School 1st 4
Whitko High School 2nd 3
Wabash High School 3rd 2
Taylor High School 4th 1

The girls had to play three full matches today in a period of 6-7 hours. I know that might be hard to comprehend for people that don’t play tennis but that is a lot of tennis in a short amount of time. It’s important to stay well hydrated, keep food in you at all times, but eventually you will still feel tired. For adult tournaments typically you will play one possibly two matches a day and the tournament is spread out over a whole weekend, so great job girls for coming in second place today!

I want to give a congrats to Zoe Foutz for joining us today and taking on the #3 singles players! Zoe is very talented and today her number was called upon. She won all three of her matches and definitely helped us get second place today! She has the mindset to stay calm during stressful parts of a match, she placed both serve and groundstroke extremely well. She chased down any tough shot with the attitude of not giving up until it bounces twice. That was the perfect mental state and style of play I want to see in all players, very well done!

Congratulations to Abby and Morgan for also going undefeated for the day at #2 doubles! They made an amazing second set comeback against Tippy being down 1-4 to winning 7-5. At 1-4 I gave them a pep talk, at 2-5 Nicole gave them a pep talk, and at the end of the match we asked, which pep talk was better. The answer given by Morgan, both were good but Abby’s! That is awesome to be able to lift each other up and fight back. I love seeing doubles partners have great team chemistry and able to get each other back into matches! Great job today!

We started out the invitational with a schedule change from playing Tippy to playing Wabash first. We originally beat Tippy 5-0 about a week ago and was prepared going in but sometimes things change and we have to adjust. We came out strong against Wabash and ended up winning 4-1 as a team against them. Our only lost came at #1 doubles where Wabash went undefeated in that position on the day!

After each match players get about a 10 minute break and they are back on the court ready to grind. So our second opponent was Taylor who Whitko doesn’t play during the regular season but we came out even stronger against them to pull away a 5-0 victory.

That left the third and final match against Tippecanoe Valley. We got off to a quick start since all matches start at different times, our #3 singles and #2 doubles gave us a 2-0 lead. We just needed one of the final three courts to win and the trophy was ours for the taking but in tennis sometimes you don’t win like you did previously. It’s a sport where mental states, fatigue, hunger, wind, sun, etc all can be different from day to day, match to match. The girls were really close where two of the final three matches (#1 & #2 singles) came down to a 3rd set 10 point super tiebreaker. We barely lost in both and it just is what it is.

Our team was disappointed, as was I at the moment but when I reflect back on it, we should hold our heads up high because what we accomplished yesterday is not easy and we came out in second place. That is pretty good, lots of good tennis, attitudes were positive, and our mental states were exactly how great tennis players conduct themselves. It shows that we are headed for better results as the season goes on, and I am proud of everyone yesterday for how you played!