Wildcats News · Female Athlete of the Week- Audrey Bradford

As one of the Ladies Soccer Team Captains Audrey responds to the call of leadership. Audrey’s thoughtful remarks and comments are well received by her team. Audrey has earned much respect for her demonstrated ability to foster growth in her younger teammates. At the high school level it takes much courage to lead, and Audrey possesses such courage. Audrey has earned a reputation as a trustworthy individual who strives to excel. She responds with courage when challenged to produce her best.

Audrey is not only a fine player, but is also an outstanding individual. She excels in the Classroom and is looked upon for her leadership. She understands the value of goal setting and the importance of team work. She has shown the ability to bounce back from adversity and is willing to put in extra time to improve on weaknesses. She realizes that success can only be obtained through hard work and approaching each task with a positive attitude.  We are Proud to have Audrey as a part of our Soccer Family!

Coach Gary Sims